Upgrading EnterpriseOne


The final upgrade ?!

Oracle release J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.x - and have stated that this is the "final upgrade" to EnterpriseOne/Oneworld.  All new functional changes will be released as Updates - including new functionality - and all technical foundation changes will be released as tools releases.

So what is involved with an EnterpriseOne 9.x upgrade from, say, OneWorld Xe ?  Once the business justifications have been made for the upgrade, what technical tasks are required to upgrade ?

The statement of work for an EnterpriseOne upgrade project plan is unchanged between customers and contains the following major tasks:

Technical Audit – this determines the customers existing architecture and analyzes the CNC configuration and highlights any challenges with third party tools, customizations and modifications.

Upgrade Project Plan - this details each Technical step of the upgrade process.  This project plan will also include sizing analysis for hardware and software required for the upgrade. 

Initial Install – installing the fresh environment and configuring the environment for CRP

Customized Object Migration – throughout the CRP, objects are continuously migrated between the old Xe environment and the new 9.0 environment.  Only erpSOURCING can provide constant object migration throughout the CRP - the Oracle standard methodology expects customers to "cut off" their development throughout the CRP.  erpSOURCING allows for objects to be migrated after the initial installation and even after go-live – ensuring development does not stop in the old Xe environment.

Data Migration – the existing data is “captured” and brought across from Xe to 9.0 – then the data is converted to the 9.0 format and, optionally, converted to Unicode for increased performance.  This data conversion process should be repeated several times throughout the CRP Upgrade process, to ensure that the conversion occurs cleanly and the data brought across is correctly tested.  erpSOURCING is the only consulting organization that can migrate data ACROSS DIFFERENT PLATFORMS and guarantees an upgrade "window" to ensure that the go-live occurs in under one weekend.

Security setup and configuration – although the base security files can be brought across from Xe, EnterpriseOne 9.0 uses a Role based security model which is much more hierarchical – and provides the ability for more granular security configurations.  However, EnterpriseOne 9.0 security must be set up correctly to ensure an “all doors closed” policy is implemented.  Optionally, Segregation of Duties and SOX compliancy can be implemented.

Third Party Interfaces – one of the benefits of EnterpriseOne 9.0 is the ability to link to Fusion (Oracle Middleware) – as well as other business intelligence tools.  Optionally, OBIEE can be implemented as can BI Publisher as a print solution.  These  processes might be scheduled for implementation either as part of the upgrade scope or as a follow-on project.

For each of the major tasks, a number of deliverables are provided to the customer – building up the customers system documentation – and ensuring that the system can be handed over to internal IT or a managed service provider.

Contact erpSOURCING on (904) 287 0021 to discuss your upgrade - because you are discussing with the end consultant, the costs are kept to a minimum.  Upgrades can be costed as fix-bid projects if you wish - ensuring a known, guaranteed cost for your upgrade.