WTF is this...

The Adventures of B0N3D00D and pLaTeDeWd

...stuff all about?

B0N3D00D explains :

ehehehe we r kewl...platedewd an me r00l UO and kill all teh lAm3rz it rox...


Er, maybe I will explain instead.
The stars of this little comic strip are "fictional" characters from the world of Ultima Online. I use the word fictional in quotes because it is sadly true that there are hundreds if not thousands of players just like them. People to whom "roleplaying" is a dirty word. People who absolutely will not rest until they have the best possible character. And people to whom the height of enjoyment is ruining someone else's day with a swift Corp Por to the head.
If you are an Ultima Online player, stop for a moment. Think. Ask yourself : "Am I B0N3D00D?" "Am I pLaTeDeWd?"
If the answer is 'yes' then please immediately smash your modem to a useless pulp.
If the answer is 'no', please join us in taking the piss out of them.

Its the only revenge we can get.