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B0N3D00D and pLaTeDeWd

Yer - we'Re BAK aN We GoT MoR aVenTUrEs To ShARe aN Mor3 LaM3Rz t0 KiL1.

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We used to have the "Doods" describe this website in their own words- but it didn't work very well.  However, they have decided to try and now IPO "BDPD INC".  Because of the success of their new found venture, Mr Ratbasterd - the doods lawyer - is here to say a few words. 

"Welcome to Bonedood and Platedewds website.  This, the corporate presence of BDPD Inc, is now the trademarked, registered and watermarked official site.  Any reference to "Dood" or "Bonehead" must be obtained primarily in writing at least 6 months in advance from BDPD Inc.  All properties of this website were truly obtained through legal and justifiable means.  My clients, Mr Bonedood and Mr Platedewd are hereby ready to defend any previous actions that might have been performed in the past as "PaRT of Da GamE" and they rigorously deny any accusation that they were at all implied in any misdeed to any other member of Ultima Online.  


Oh, and please don't forget to purchase the new Bonedood and Platedewd Action figures." - Clarence P Ratbasterd

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OlD STuFf Da M0V13s !